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I believe that the mission we work for every day; creating an arena for today's stars and tomorrow's leaders can only be truly accomplished when the entire organization works as a team, motivated and guided by the worldwide strategy for the University Sport family and together strive to accomplish the same goals

Ms. Schei

I have almost 20 years of experience within the sports family, national and international – both professional and as a volunteer. I have been a part of University Sports for the last 15 years and are now working in the Norwegian Association of University Sports both as Head of International Relations and Head of Marketing and Communication. I was in addition to that elected to the Executive Committee in the Norwegian Volleyball Federation in 2016 and served both as Board Member and 1st Vice President in six-year total. As well as pursuing a career within sports I have also been active and played volleyball in the top three leagues in Norway, coached both men and women and had volunteer positions within the club.

I am persistent in reaching my goals and work hard to achieve what is expected of me in both my professional career and volunteer career. I am a collaborative team member and strive to cultivate a positive atmosphere through my efforts, which include a combination of humor and diligence.

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Ms. Schei in action during an EUSA-FISU Seminar in Val di Zoldo in 2023.

If I´ll have the honor of being elected to the FISU Executive Committee, I will contribute with my experience and my passion for university sport. I believe that my broad experience from different roles in numerous sport organizations will be of great value for FISU and the Executive Committee.

As an FISU Executive Committee member, I will faithfully work to promote these important issues:

  • Strengthen our University Sports Movement by promoting diversity throughout our organization, bringing us closer to international standards of good governance.
  • Enable and prioritize the seamless integration of our student athletes’ dual career paths, fostering future leaders with a comprehensive perspective from both academia and sports.
  • Sustainable events both in terms of environment, social sustainability and most of all financial sustainability for both participants and hosts.

Dear friends and colleagues, I really look forward to the upcoming General Assembly in Geneva and to meet you all there. In the meanwhile, take care!


Kind regards,

Yngvild Larsen Schei
The Norwegian Association of University Sport

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