Invitasjon til SELL-Games 2010

Studentidrettsforbundet i Estland inviterer til SELL-Games 2010. Les hele invitasjonen (engelsk) her.


The Games will be held from May 21 to May 23, 2010 in Tartu, Estonia and are open to universities all over the world.

Organisers look forward to host minimum 1500 student athletes from 70 universities and 10 countries. Competitions are open for students and former students who have obtained their academic degree or diploma in 2009. There are no limitations concerning the size of the delegation.

The president of Estonian Academic Sports Federation, Ants Veetõusme, told that SELL Student Games are an outstanding opportunity for student sportsmen to meet other studing athletes and expose their achievements publicly. He also thought that the Games have grew already so big that it can be called mini-universiade, but still, the level of sportsmen is very varied.

The honorary patron of SELL Student Games 2010 is Estonian president mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves. Mr. Ilves emphasizes that the overall physical activity is reducing constantly and it is up to us to show the way for the future generations.

Sports patron of the Games is Estonian beach volleyball player Kristjan Kais. Kais, who has earlier participated on SELL games by himself, told that he wanted to encourage studing sportsmen to exert themselves on studing field as well. Kais is, besides his successful athletics career, a doctor and lecturer of University of Tartu.

The history of SELL Student Games dates back to 1923 and last time, when this yearly competition was held in Tartu, was 2006.

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Marti Soosaar
SELL project manager
tel +372 5669 5917

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